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In short, white can cause you to lose touch with reality and go temporarily insane. Coke Overdose is a Very Real Consequence For Users According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) , about 5,800 Americans died from a coke overdose in 2014. This is the most current data available. That same year, there were approximately 1.5 million active cocaine users in the United States. Of this number, about 913,000 met the criteria for addiction. However, many people believe this estimate is far too low. Coke is a highly coveted drug. People from all walks of love the stuff. This is evident by the mass quantities of read this post here white being trafficked across the country. Let’s give you an idea of just how popular powder is in the United States. The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime reported that approximately 140 tons of coke were seized in 2015 alone. That’s 280,000 pounds – or the equivalent of 42 elephants. Yes, it’s a lot of blow. Yet, it’s not even a fraction of the amount that actually made it into the hands of recreational users and addicts. Cocaine does not discriminate. People from all socioeconomic backgrounds, education levels, races, ages, and religions use this substance in mass quantities. Powder is definitely more expensive than the smokable form of the drug (called “crack”). But, no matter how you use it, people who are hooked on white are willing to go to any lengths to get more. How One Famous Recovering Addict Describes Coke Addiction Beloved singer Eric Clapton best describes the effects of powder in his popular 1977 song, “Cocaine.” The lyrics go like this: If the day is done, and you wanna ride on…..cocaine” Here, Clapton describes the stimulant effect experienced by users. The drug keeps you going…..and going….and going…. until you crash. He would know. He is a recovering coke and heroin addict. When interviewed by NPR Music about his coke addiction, Clapton said, “”Financially, it was ridiculous.

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how is xanax measured