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Alcohol promotes disease by altering oral bacteria Drinking alcohol can heighten the risk of many ills, such as heart disease. But what are the harmful underlying mechanisms set in motion by alcohol consumption? One study shows that alcoholic drinks may drive changes in the mouth's microbiome that end up affecting the entire body. Alcohol puts our oral microbiota out of kilter, with potentially harmful consequences to our health. Alcohol consumption is a risk factor for

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You have probably internalized the notion that you’re either an “alcoholic” or you’re not. And that you’ll know which you are when you “hit rock bottom.” And surely, you’ve heard the one sure way to recovery is to acknowledge you are powerless, recognize a higher power and get yourself to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where you will embark on a lifetime of sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous was developed in the first half of the 20th century, and it filled a need that medical science

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